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Even since 1994 when Special & Perfect Dental Clinic was founded, these have been expected ofmyselfin the management of a dental clinic, the most special and committed devotion to the research of clinical academics and techniques, the most perfect provision of medicare service and innovation of the management of dental clinics.

At the time of the establishment of the clinic, professional know-how was introduced to. based on CIS (Corporation Identification System), form the
vision of the management and service of this clinic and set down the perfect management system of this clinic in the areas of human resources management. marketing, materials.finances, medical and administrative operation.

Ever since the establishment of this clinic. the vision of "one mind. two mosts. two freedoms, one system" has been presented as our aim We hope to be able to Have empathy with our patients, to be of One mind. Under the condition of Two mosts --- the most effective and fastest dental techniques and the most strict requirement of high medical quality---patients can be placed in the environment of Two freedoms, freedom from fear and freedom from infection and receive the best-quality treatment.

Of course, the ultimate aim of our vision is to attain the complete satisfaction of our patients To achieve this aim. we have kept introducing up-to-date dental equipment and conducting the training of our dentists and assistants as well as providing our patients with the most advanced dental techniques in the world Furthermore, we carry on a New system---the management system of Patients' satisfaction---to promote the management concept of contact point satisfaction We know it is rather difficult to make our patients completely satisfied, but we are sure we can make it if we can provide patients with a better dental ambience. state-of-the-art dental equipment, excellent medical techniques and considerate service.

Therefore, after the completion in September 1999 of the construction of the Medical building featured with artistic quality, excellent professional image and traditional Chinese style, patients can receive the best service and enjoy the most up-to-date facilities and techniques in the neat, clean and cozy condition.

In June 2003, we set up the Department of Implant Dentistry on the fifth floor of the building. On this floor there are several medical operation rooms and preparation rooms provided to serve those patients who need tooth-implanting.

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